• Steve


    I just wanted to echo all the positive comments. Safarisort words like a charm on Lion. I had been spending hours sorting hundreds of bookmarks and Safarisort fixed everything in a fraction of a second.


  • Setem

    thank you to make such a convenient app which saved me from bookmarks duplication

  • Rambhat

    Its Amazingly Beautiful App you’ve developed. Thanks a lot for a wonderful app – this should have been built-in Safari actually. There is one important thing you should modify. That is: “Book Mark Bar” should not be automatically modified. The reason: You can easily access about a dozen of sites from the bar, rest are accessible, but not useful since its cumbersome to navigate there. So, one who really makes use of the bar would painstakingly keep the top 10 or so URLs handy there. When the Safarisort sorts by alphabetic order it simply moves them all out, so the Bookmark bar effectively becomes useless. Could you please try to update so that we can manually do alphabetic sorting?

    • Sully

      Hi Rambhat,

      I’m glad you like the app. Unfortunately Apple does not differentiate the Bookmark Bar code in the bookmarking file in a way that I can easily segregate.

      What I do and suggest is simply add a number in front of the item you want in your bookmark bar in the order you want them displayed.

      Example: 1. Google 2. Apple 3. Yahoo Etc…

      An additional bonus is that you can the Command key + the Number to launch the Bookmark from the Bookmark Bar.

      Hope that helps!