Cherry Blossems

Washington D.C. Cherry Blossoms

My wife and I had a wonderful time in Washington D.C. yesterday to view the cherry blossoms in peak bloom. Here are a few pictures I took at the tidal basin. There are several shots of the Washington monument and Jefferson monument. Happy Spring!

SafariSort Updated to Version 2.0.2

I have updated my popular SafariSort software to version 2.0.2. Several users reported an issue on older Mac’s that generated a usage error warning when attempting to create the backup bookmarks file. For the best experience I would recommend existing users update to version 2.0.2. You can download the latest version at Happy Sorting!

Install Java JRE Updates with Apple Remote Desktop

It’s very annoying that Oracle doesn’t supply its Java JRE installer in the PKG format that is utilized by Apples Remote Desktop for administrators. You can easily get around this however by following the below steps. Download the latest Java JRE update from Oracle. Open the DMG file. Right-Click (Control-Click) the file and choose “Show Package Contents”. Open the …